Very Rev. Nicholas Wyslutsky

The Very Reverend Father Nicholas Wyslutsky is the rector of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Mogadore, OH. He was ordained to the Holy Diaconate on 8/16/92.  On 2/19/94 he was elevated to the Holy Priesthood by His Grace Bishop Herman. Father Nicholas has been instrumental in bringing new iconography to the parish as well as learning and pursuing online streaming services that have proven to reach not only shut-ins but people in remote areas without access to a parish around the world. He served as our parish priest during our 100th anniversary and helped lead a weekend of celebrations.  In preparation for the celebrations he was able to refresh much inside the church as well as new altar robes and coverings of all colors. He has served St. Nicholas parish with his Matushka Elizabeth and their four children, Joachim, Simeon, Gabriella and Mary since 2004.

Protodeacon Sam Slimak

The Protodeacon Samuel Slimak currently serves as deacon at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church along with his Matushka Bonnie.  He was ordained to the Holy Diaconate on 6/29/03 by His Grace Archbishop Job.  He has served St. Nicholas since 1995.  He and his wife have three daughters, Justina, Jessica and Natalie.

Very Rev. Father Stephen Kopestonsky

Very Rev. Father Stephen Kopestonsky was the fifth parish priest serving St. Nicholas with his Matushka Sandy and their three children, Larissa, Kyra and Theodora.  

Very Rev. Father John Mason

Very Rev. Father John Mason was the fourth parish priest serving St. Nicholas from 1961 to 1986 with his Matushka Daria and their five children, Deborah, Gregory, Serge, Tamara and Susan.  Father John was instrumental in leading the parish in building it's current building and moving the congregation to Mogadore—a suburb of Akron.  In 2018 he became the first recipient of the Order of St. John of Chicago marking 67 years in the priesthood.

Father Peter Rozdelsky

Father Peter Rozdelsky was the third parish priest serving St. Nicholas from 1945 to 1960 with his Matushka Ann and their children Roselie, MaryAnn and Nick.

Father Athanasy Hubiak

Father Athanasy Hubiak was the second parish priest faithfully serving St. Nicholas from 1929 to 1945 with Matushka Susan and their children, Matushka Olga Hubiak Kovach (Very Rev. Father Michael Kovach), Matushka Sophie Hubiak Soroka (Very Rev. Theodore Soroka), Prototpresbyter Daniel Hubiak (Matushka Dunia), Protodeacon Basil (William) Hubiak (Matushka Eva), and Nicholas Hubiak (Ann Hubiak). 

Rev. Father John Basil Hordishinsky

Father John Basil Hordishinsky was the first parish priest serving St. Nicholas from 1917 to 1919 with his Matushka Mary and their children Olga, William, John, Nator and Nick.  

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