Reader Basil Kochan

Reader Basil Kochan is the current choir director serving St. Nicholas parish and has served since the summer of 1985. Basil Kochan and his wife Lori have 2 adult children, Sarah and Andrew.

Professor Michael Bezbatchenko

Professor Michael Bezbatchenko was a life long member of St. Nicholas parish and in 1968, after the retirement of Alex Gryvnak, he became choir director on a part-time/full-time basis. He led the choir at two of our three church buildings and also through the change of the church calendar as well as consecration of the new church building. Professor Bezbatchenko directed with the support of his wife, Mary (Vronick) Bezbatchenko and their five children, Michael, Mark, Martin, Matthew and Myron (Frank). Professor Bezbatchenko announced his retirement at the annual meeting in 1985 and his last liturgy as choir director was Pentecost of that same year. 

Alex Gryvnak

Mr. Alex Gryvnak was St. Nicholas parish's first official choir director.  Parishioners led the services from our founding in 1917 until April of 1929 when Mr. Gryvnak was hired on a temporary basis. He until his retirement in 1967. During that time he led the choir in the first two of our three church buildings. In all, Alex Gryvnak served as choir director for 38 years with the support of his wife, Ann (Shushura) Gryvnak and their three children David, Natalie and Claudia.

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